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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Japanese-y Organized

Ok, I'm just really bad at taking before pictures, but fairly decent at re-organizing.

The picture above shows. The bathroom cabinet after I added some storage. There is a tension rod that holds the gloves, flatiron, and hairdryer. I used hooks with clips attached to hang the stuff. The shelf came from Aki-home's kitchen section. And the baskets are from Daiso. (Oh, Daiso...)

The other thing I finally got organized was the kitchen storage cart. The microwave cart we had was just missing something (adjustable shelves, more shelves...). Anyway, after the recent earthquake, with an epicenter within 2 miles, we decided to re-evaluate our kitchen a little. I've been feeling like I want to get B-chan a countertop dishwasher, but our counter to cabinet is about 4 inches too short. I digress. Back to the microwave cart that was no longer containing everything it needed to hold. We decided to replace it with a chrome shelf unit from Aki-home. It has more shelves and is about the same size as the microwave cart.

For once I took a before picture.

Here is the after. It is a work in progress because I still have to get some baskets for it, but I like that we can hang stuff from it, at least.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Biting Post-its

More Engrish!

I found another great example of Engrish on the back of a package of post-it's from Daiso. Take a look at the 3rd bullet point in blue. Be careful, they bite!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Another Freebie

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottle Special Edition Easter by Babies R Us

I used the mailer coupon with a $10 qualifying purchase for this. I have yet to try this, so stay tuned.

When the elf was struggling with the reflux my babysitter recommended this bottle because of its anti-colic causing properties. As soon as I pulled it out of the bag, the elf grabbed it... I think its the bunny.

Friday, February 21, 2014

85° Love

We love the Taiwanese bakery 85 ℃ and there just happens to be a location that opened up right near the Daiso in Buena Park. I like going to grand openings because they give out free stuff, and today was no exception. For 85℃, the line wasn't very long, but as we entered, one of the associates handed us keychains as thanks "for waiting in line".

They were also offering a gift with purchase. The red mug has a picture of a girl calling out "Fresh bread!" as they do in the store. On the other side, little faces smile at you from a variety of pastry shapes. You, too, can have this cute mug with a $20 purchase, while supplies last, of course.

When you enter the store, grab a pair of tongs and a tray. Select your culinary delights with the tongs and place them on your tray. When you pay, the store personnel will bag and/or box your food, unless of course it's going to disappear before you even get back to your car.

You will find one line for pastries and a separate one for cakes, drinks, and other desserts, though you can order drinks in the pastry line.

The desserts are awesome, but use caution because your hips, bottom, and belly will agree. Word travels by mouth, and just like any popular Asian establishment, the wait is long but wort it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Potty Bag

I have the Potette plus travel potty because our bathroom is literally so small that we need a collapsible one. I like the idea of the reusable liner so much that I created my own travel versions.

Well, the bag that came with the potty is plastic, and to my dismay, I found it had ripped down the side before a family outing.

I decided that I could easily make a replacement travel bag that would hold the potty, a mat, and some prefolds to wipe up messes.

Armed with my trusty Jo-Ann's coupons I headed over to the craft store to pick up the fabric. For the drawstring and bead to hold it shut, I used good old Daiso products. Using the same technique as for my diaper pail liners, I created a bag with gussets based on the measurements of the potty. Unexpectedly, it fits both folded and unfolded.

I am including pictures of the assembly. My tutorials are basic but they usually assume. that you have some minimum sewing experience. I should probably mention at some point that we are neck deep in potty training with the Monkey. I will not elaborate on my sticker system now, but I prefer giving stickers rather than candy as a reward.

Potette Plus Outer Bag Tutorial
1. I used the dimensions of the potty seat, plus a little give, plus seam allowance to decide the cut of material. A tracing of the potty on a piece of paper gave me most of what I needed.

2. I cut the material to the dimensions I needed.

3. I used hem clips to hold the material together, but pins would work, too.

4. I folded in the gusset in the bottom and re-clipped.

5. I folded down a casing at the top and clipped.

6. I sewed the sides using my White serger. On one side I sewed all the way up, while on the other side I left room for the edges of the casing to be open for the drawstring.

7. The fabric I used is the Babyville PUL and it is very tempermental on my vintage machine. I used regular polyester thread to sew the seam for the casing.

8. Finally, I threaded my Daiso drawstring through the casing and bead. Then I tied a knot.

I made sure the gussets turned properly.

Voila! Travel potty once again travel ready. I hope that if you have this product and need a replacement for the bag it came with you can use this tutorial to make a replacement.