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Sunday, December 28, 2014

winter respite

I have taken an unofficial break during October/November. I took my other blog down also. I still have not figured out how to re-work it so that I keep my sanity. It was difficult to manage two, a job, a home, a husband, meal planning, cooking, cleaning, 2 kids, etc.
Now, my husband is doing online training, and we are planning to reduce the kids' daycare in half for one and altogether for the other. Unfortunately, I will not be the one staying home with them. Sometimes, I can barely handle the two of them. It's not that he can't handle them, rather his frustration level is much much lower.
As it is, I do not know when I will be able to consistantly post for the blog. I will try to get some done before (Christmas) vacation is over, though. Taking care of the 2 kids leaves me wiped out sometimes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

School Supply Junkie

I love school supplies...and now I love pink...stuff. So when I find school/office supplies that are pink and cute, I kinda go nuts.
Heart Shaped Push Pins by Yoobi @ Target

I saw these and had to have them. They are just so happy. I do not have a true bulletin board on which to display them, but when I get a classroom or office space, I think I will use them. I was a little bummed to see a mix of pink and red available at Daiso for $1.50, but then, that's Daiso for you...Massed produced, cheap, knock off versions of cute stuff. Just call me sucker.
Pink Binder Clips with Bow by See Jane Work @ Office Depot

I saw these in the store and did a double take. Initially I thought the bow part was black, but they are still cute. I know I will find some use for them.
Large Pink Paper Clips by Poppin @ Staples

They were just so round and big and pink. I thought they would go nicelly with all the other pink stuff I have. They look like they will hold papers together well because they are wider than the normal small paper clips... That, and they're happy!
Pink and Red Heart containers @ Daiso
I travel for my job, and I need office supplies that are easily accessible. That, and I just like cute stuff. So I picked up the hearts for the pins, clips, and paper clips. I think I can store them in my teacher bag, but I seem to be collecting supplies such that I almost have too much.
Rose Design Desk Accessories @ Daiso
I really tried to resist buying these... for a while. Then I just couldn't anymore. I have a Square pen holder, round pen holder, divided note holder, short round container, and bookends. Once I have a desk, I can use all of it put together, and I will smile when I look at it.
Like I said, I like pink...stuff.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, too. So expect to see things like pink umbrellas and such through which you can contribute to the research funds.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Detangling Brush

Yes, I actually bought one of those newfangled detangling brushes that seem to be everywhere. I actually broke down and did it because I watched my babysitter's daughter groom herself (and her waist lenght hair) easily. That is what convinced me.
At first, I thought it was kind of silly and gimmicky. After purchasing one for my daughter; however, I started using it on myself, too. I noticed how easy it was to brush through my tangled hair. She and I both have long-ish, fine hair that tangles easily. We're talking rat's nest, people!
If you have ever tried to get a 1 year old to sit still for anything, then you know that attempting to do so for something painful is moot ( I love that word!).
Resistance is futile.
So, I gave in. It is actually quicker and less painful than traditional methods, like combing or brushing. Then I liked it so much, that I bought a travel version for myself. My hair gets pretty mangled because I can afford to get it cut, like, three times a year, max!
I have to say that it cuts down the detangling time, considerably.
Well played, little brush. Well played.

(Wo)Men's Restroom?

Have you ever walked into the men's restroom by mistake? Well, I have, on multiple occasions! Today, I found out, I'm not the only one.
I was ever so mildly embarrassed for the lady as she quickly walked out of the men's and into the women's room in front of me. Rather, I was relieved that I am not the only one who absent-mindedly wanders into the open restroom, as opposed to noticing the sign on the door and avoiding the embarrassment altogether. In her defense, usually the women's is on the right, at least in this area. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Whirlwind

The summer has come and gone, leaving me breathless and perplexed as to where it actually went. I worked a 10 week summer program as a camp counselor, hosted several parties/bbq's, and attended Anime Expo again this year (with the babies).
On the Mommy front, my children have reached some milestones. The monkey is in true daytime potty learning. He currently wears Thomas and Friends exclusively, though he was given the choice of Thomas or Minions (Despicable Me). When he's not in his Thomas tighties, he sports Gerber trainers or "flies free". The elf has really taken to the  sign language because it helps us understand her a little better. She is also walking and has cut 6 teeth. I believe that is further along than the monkey was at her age.
On the home front, my B-chan still has not found work, but seems to be struggling with what to do in his life. Please keep him in your prayers (if you know us and pray). My goal this year is to get a long term position in Garden Grove school District and possibly add subbing in Fullerton. Again, if praying is your thing, please pray that our income increases such that we can support ourselves and take care of various medical needs in addition.