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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Washi Tape

I have officially discovered washi tape courtesy of Daiso. What is it, you ask? In short, skinny masking tape with colorful or cute designs.

For quite a while I've been wondering what the craze was about, but after purchasing some last night and decorating some notebooks, I totally get it. You can see a before picture of my planner in my post Executive Homemaker II, but just to be a good sport, I'll include it here.

The after picture really shows the difference the tape makes. Yes, I went a little crazy, but the tape is so very very cute.

I even went so far as to decorate the dividers and pockets inside It reallly brings the whole thing together and reflects my ability to do cute very very well. The tape even helps me show what's happening on my planner pages and gives them a happy burst of color.

As mentioned in my Executive Homemaker II post, I purchased the Arc notebooks from Staples in preparation to make my own custom planner for 2015. The pages I have chosen for my planner are colorful, so the washi tape just adds a burst of color (read: cute) to the cover and dividers. In addition, I added labels from my thrift store labelmaker. It finally feels complete.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Executive Homemaker II

Please note: if the pictures don't make sense in the post it is because I am ridiculously tired and cannot think straight right now.

In this post I shared links to the pages I used to create my Executive Homemaker binder. After finding the Arc system and splurging, I decided to update my binder system and planner, too. With 2 children, my planning needs have changed, and so must my binder.

So, I have created a spreadsheet in Google Drive that shows which files I used and who created them. I only shared which pages I used rather than the files themselves so as to not infringe on copyrights.

I plan to use my new Martha Stewart discbound notebook for something, though I have not decided what. In the aforementioned splurge, I also purchased 2 of the poly cover notebooks in junior size (for less than $2.50 each!)

and another poly cover notebook in the letter size.

Once I purchased my original notebook (used for blogging, now), I was sold. Despite money being tight, I can see myself using these notebooks for a long time and a lot of things. They have the versatility and strength of a 3-ring binder with the flexibility of a spiral bound. So, I purchased the hole punch from Staples.
I have heard that Staples is discontinuing the Arc line, but I do not know when. So I was relieved to learn of another supplier, Levenger, and their Circa notebooks. While Levenger's are pricier, they are made from leather and the rings, from aluminum. They also have some neat accessories.
I am cheap, though, so I just purchased generic pocket dividers and punched them with the Arc hole punch.
I will soon have the perfect (custom, colorful, happy) planner (mwahahahaha!) because I can never find a pre-printed one that I like.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Customizable Organizing Binder

My new favorite binder system, M by Staples: Arc.

The generic tab pockets I added and punched with the Arc hole punch (see below).

The generic pocket folder I hole punched and added. So cute!

My hole punch for adding custom printed (read: planner) pages.

Larger size rings to expand capacity up to 200 pages.

The binder and rings are M by Staples: Arc, while the dividers are Avery and the folder is Studio C.

I see great potential for this line of supplies as a binder for my personal planner, teaching, home organizing, menu planning, etc. Also, I already own a junior size version I keep as my blogging notebook/calendar. I bought the Martha Stewart line (Discbound) because they are compatible. After perusing the internet and wandering across iheart organizing's personalized calendar. I decided to go forward with the purchase. Then, I came across another (read:pricier) supplier. This is good to know because I heard from Staples people that the Arc like will be discontinued.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Build-a-bed 7

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I got a great idea for the ladder storage system as we were walking through Lowe's shopping for something else. We could use the rollers that guide garage doors up and down the tracks as the wheels. Since the tracks for garage doors come with the motor, we would have to think of another option for the tracks.
While looking at closet storage systems, my husband compared the upright for the shelves to the garage door wheels, and it turns out that the single track fits! It's the best idea so far.
Sorry, again no pics, but hopefully the links will give you a better idea of what I'm talking about. As for assembly, that's still in the works, but that's also why this is a saga...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Neo Lava Bottle

This bottle works as a timer for time-outs to help children (and adults) relax. You can use it as part of your discipline or just a consequence for needing to calm down. Its fun to just stare at it and watch the pieces fall.



1. Glitter (fine, medium, & corse)

2. Glue (clear)

3. Glitter glue

4. Super glue

5. Water

6. Water bottle of choice (Voss, featured)

7. Sequins (optional)

8. goop remover (also optional)


1. If you get a nice bottle, obviously drink the water first. I still used filtered water from our Pur tap filter. I also used heated water mixed with room temperature water to help the glue mix, and filled it about half full.

1a. Actually, before I filled the bottle I removed the label residue with Goo Gone. I found that pulling quickly meant less sticky stuff.

2. Decide how much glitter glue you want to use. Then add the individual sizes of regular glitter.

3. Add the clear glue until almost full. Close the lid and test (a couple times), adding more glitter and glitter glue as necessary. For this project, I used the small Voss and most of an Elmer's

4. Use Super Glue, Crazy Glue, or anything else with a permanent bond to glue the lid on.

5. Time your creation. The big pieces will fall quickly, while the fine glitter may never really settle. Mine settles about 5 minutes at this posting. It may slow as the water cools.