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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Build-a-bed 2

...AKA the bed saga (part 1).
Before pictures
Living Room Arrangement with Baby Gate
I thought I might take some before pictures to show the changes we've made by moving things around and hacking the bed.

The Monkey, being helpful...
(A very grainy cell phone photo of) The Monkey's old room
The Monkey's room is the smaller of our two bedrooms, which is why we put him in there in the first place. Initially I decided to make his play area in the living room. The boxes in the bookshelf to the left of the couch contained his toys adequately enough. We used his room primarily for sleeping and changing.
Left over from the sewing room that I had (pre-baby), the mail/recycling center lived between the bathroom and closet.

The Recycling/Mail Center in the Monkey's room.
The kitchen is, I think, an eat in kitchen. Meaning: as small as it is, you're still supposed to fit a table and chair(s) in there to have meals. Believe me, ridiculously small is a galactic understatement, but my kitchen is still bigger than the one in the 1920's house across the street. So, I'm not really complaining. So here is what it looked like with the table and chairs. One is, of course, taken up with the Monkey's feeding chair.
Old Kitchen Arrangement
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