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Teacher, Photographer, Otaku, Amateur Seamstress, Wifey to B-chan, & Mommy to Monkey Z and Elven M.

Current projects

So, currently I have several projects going simultaneously.
  • Home Improvement- My new residence (as of August 2010) is in desperate need of TLC, as it has had very little for the last 20 years.
  • Sewing- I am currently thinking about designing my own Lolita fashion, either a jumper skirt or dress. In addition, I have a couple projects that I actually need to finish, like a yukata (Japanese summer kimono) I started a couple years ago.
  • Photography/Video- My brother-in-law recently married, so I am working (it's really on hold right now until I finish moving) on his wedding video. I was lucky enough to do his slide show, which came out really great.
You can find an update for the status of these projects in the posting for Friday, January 13.
There is another update Friday, April 27.