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Teacher, Photographer, Otaku, Amateur Seamstress, Wifey to B-chan, & Mommy to Monkey Z and Elven M.

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Among my travels, I happened to find myself in Japan. I was about 2-3 hours south of the major earthquake that hit recently in 2011. Check out my travel journal from my trip at Travel Journals. I returned in 2008, so it's been a couple years more than ten years, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I made friends, traveled, and experienced another culture by living it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time overseas.

Also, I have been a fan of Anime, or otaku as the Japanese say, since the US release of Sailor Moon in the 1990s. I started a group for my friends on the MSN website so that we could continue what my friend Jay started. He would regularly invite friends over to hang out most of the day (and night) and watch anime. B and I, did this for a couple years, until  the monkey came along. I decided I wanted to have an acronym for the group, so I came up with Japanese Anime Watching Society or JAWS. It's corny, but it's the best I could do. I also created a Facebook group JAWS. It is currently being archived because of the lack of activity.

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Essentially I am still learning what this is, but you can like my page... I think. I don't know if I did it right. Anyhoo, you can find Picture Perfect by Belldandi here. It's not super interesting, rather mostly to get my Facebook friends to traffic this site. Also, I posted some of my best photographs in Portfolio Of Sorts here.

YouTube Channel 
I now have a You Tube channel so that I can do tutorials and videos like the wedding slideshow I did.

I use Pinterest for ideas, I have my own inspiration board.

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P.S. Stay tuned for a possible podcast and link to an education blog.