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Friday, July 9, 2010

First Post

Hello to my yet to be established audience. I am fairly new to blogging and have treated it mainly as online journaling thus far. I have many interests and far fewer talents, which I hope to share in a constructive way. I have a private Facebook page and MSN space, but I find that I don't get the audience I think I want with those pages. Hopefully, this way I can share yet maintain control and encourage interaction at the same time.
I have many interests, some of which include Anime (a long time favorite), sewing, photography, Lolita (fairly recent), and of course, journaling. It is my hope that I can provide some insight into who I am while sharing my knowledge of what I like. I also seem to be very good at teaching things to other people, especially one on one, so I'd like to try my hand at some tutorials.
I am looking forward to getting to know you and hopefully you can share your knowledge with me also. Please let me know what area you would like to know more about, take a moment to leave a comment and/or sign the guestbook, and happy reading.

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