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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Latest project: wetbag.

Munchkin wetbag after 2 months of use
So I got Babyville PUL material from Joanns and am planning to make a wetbag because the one I got at Target malfunctioned within a month of when I bought it. It is supposed to snap down into a little square, but the snap promptly came off. So, instead of buying another one, I will make my own; it's part of being eco-friendly/ thrifty.
I bought the 3 pack of PUL since I didn't want to invest the $15 dollars it costs by the yard without a plan for what I wanted to make. One side will be the yellow and the other, duckies. I figure any folding or cutting will make the bag too small when finished. I plan to make the bag similar to the one I bought. It is pretty easy to make. I want to put a strap on it just like on the store version. I also want it to snap in 2 places, so figuring that out will be fun, too.
If my material was not already pre-cut, I would decide how big I wanted the final product and cut my material. At $15/yd definitely measure twice, cut once!
  1. sew in zipper and snap strap (all in the same seam)
  2. apply snaps, make sure to reinforce
  3. turn bag inside out and sew seams. Note: I don't want any unnecessary leaks so I am finishing my seams.
  4. Babyville recommends tossing finished products in the dryer (20 min on high) to seal the holes made by needles, pins etc.
Since this project is taking a lot longer than I expected, I think I will just post a tutorial on a separate page. The project is currently pinned and awaiting my already over-taxed attention.

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