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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shoe shopping... Again.

I think I buy shoes, like two times a year. There's the availability problem, but then, there's things like the Nordstrom Rack grand opening in the Block. Of course they have a big section. Of course they are fully stocked, of course they have nothing that costs less than $40, and of course they have exactly what I'm looking for... In 2 colors!
So this is really bad for trying to save money, but the shoes are so, so, so, so very cute. Did I mention that they are exactly what I've been looking for: the right colors, round toes, high heel, super chunky heel, and platform to ease the heel height. The best part is that they are within my husband-set budget limit. I think its a good thing B-chan is a legs man because keeping them wouldn't stand a chance if he wasn't.
I hate having to pay so much for shoes and that there're so few stylish ones available, but that is my lot in life. I seem to feel like I need to buy every pair of shoes I like because I know I may have to wait until the next purple polka dotted moon before I find them again. At least B-chan trusts me now. I'll tell you just how far I've come; he let me borrow his credit card for an errand during which he stayed home with Monkey Z. That's progress, ladies (and hubbies)! But enough about me.
By the way, sorry about the orientation of the pictures. Cell phones aren't really great for taking blog photos. It does make for an interesting composition, though
Do you have an area in which it's difficult to save money even though you want to? Share with us. Leave a comment; we always love reading what you have to say!
Happy bargain hunting!

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  1. It took two years, but she do it. She earned my trust with money. I wished it was sooner but can't really complain now that she's money wise. So its possible. It just takes some practice