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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baby Yeh #2

No, we are not having another one, yet. This one actually belongs to the original J. Yeh (B-chan's big bro).
Anyway, thought I'd post about the gift I made. I don't really have the means to fill any of the registry items at the retailer of choice, so I decided to invest a little sweat (and thankfully, no blood) in a handmade project. Pictured is the "wrapping" I made out of a blanket big enough to swaddle with. I used scraps from another project to do the applique. It came out much cuter than I thought it would. The blanket was given to me by Momma M for just such a project.
Inside the wrapping is a handmade nursing cover. I used Simplicity 2165. It was quite easy, even working with the boning, which I was a little nervous about. It all turned out fine because it was such an easy pattern.
I guess this is partly an attempt to greenify my extended family...for our children's world.

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