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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Smoothies for monkeys

Since we purchased the (amazingly wonderful, and totally worth the $_00 price tag) Vitamix blender, I have been drinking green smoothies every day. I can now be at peace if my daily intake is slightly less than perfect.
So, one day my little monkey got a hold of my pink cup and decided he liked what he tasted so much that he promptly gulped down about 1/2 cup.  Recently, he has also started rejecting the veggies I have given him. So, I figure that if I can supplement my intake of green veggies with a super yummy tasting fruity drink, then he can, too.
The problem was two-fold. I don't really want him drinking after me and the cup is really too big for him to handle. Enter Old Navy. These cups have become very trendy, showing up everywhere from Bed Bath & Beyond to Big Lots, but the problem is size. They are mostly adult, or at the very least, older kid sized. I finally found one that's perfectly toddler sized, and since my little monkey already has drinking from a straw down, it's perfect! Now he can enjoy smoothies, too.

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