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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

3 hour Christmas Gift

So I sort of forgot about G-baby Yeh until yesterday when I was looking for a better potato masher. Eventually, I wandered into the baby section of the store and was reminded that I had nothing to give her.
Rather than simply buy her something, I wanted to make something. So, I decided to make her a small stuffed plush toy. Naturally, I went to my quick project source: Aranzi Aranzo. I chose the Bongo Bunny from the Fun Dolls book. It was really quite easy, except sewing curves on the server is not (at least for me).
To keep it green, I stuffed the plush with scraps from my sewing stash (i am determined to green-ify my family), and the body was made from some knit I had in my stash already. Since the recipient is an infant, I had to use felt for the eyes, nose, and mouth, but I think it came out cute.
The projects in the book are simple and cute, so if you need a quick fun gift I highly recommend it. You don't necessarily need a sewing machine, either.

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