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Friday, June 21, 2013

The beauty of nursing

I love how when I'm pregnant I gain tons of weight, look huge, and feel awful. That's to say nothing of hating the state of being pregnant in the first place.  Why subject myself to such torture? It's the means to an end. I want children and its probably cheaper than trying to adopt. At the very least, I never have to do it again!
Back to my real topic... So, I gain tons of weight, and  the one thing that makes the inconvenience of breastfeeding bearable is the weight loss. That alone makes all the effort and extra work worth it. In 3 weeks I've dropped almost 30 pounds. But like I said, I gain tons.
I cannot wait until the elf is 6 months old so that I can put her into our jogging stroller/bike trailer! Combined with the nursing, the exercise and green smoothies should help me shed the extra weight. Plus with a 2 year old, I am far more active than last time.
Yeah for momma's milk!

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