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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thomas The Tank...wagon: Assembly

My b-chan is absolutely amazing. I told him about my idea for the monkey to be Thomas the tank engine for Halloween. I wanted the costume to fit over the wagon we have. I also had to keep it low budget, so the materials were already on hand, borrowed, or picked up for free. He took the idea and ran with it. So here is our progress so far: Assembly Most of the material was cardboard. However, we did need supplies like a box cutter, straight edge, pen, string, duct tape and of course, boxes of all shapes and sizes. We started with a Little Tykes wagon.
From there B-chan assembled a frame upon which to build the engine over the wagon.
After he built the frame, he started with the basic shapes.
Then he built the boiler portion using a flat box that he rounded.
As you can see, we are done with most of the structure, but we still have to add a few details before we paint it, like the wheels.

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