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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thomas The Tank...wagon: Decoration III

So today is actually Halloween. We are down to the wire with this project. Mostly just the face is left. It looks pretty amazing, and I have to say that B-chan did a pretty phenomenal job turning cardboard into a convincing train character. It is difficult to find the time to paint because I have to constantly stop and do something for babies. If its not feeding one, it's changing the other, or putting them down for naps. As I write this I'm about one third done. I could be done by now, but we just had lunch and I have to put babies down for naps. My consolation is that B-chan is coming home early to participate... Except he just came down with what the monkey got from daycare and gave to me. ~2 hour interlude~ Anyhoo, I have just finished painting the face, and aside from obsessing over blending details, I'd say it came out pretty good. Here is the sample:
Here is mine: Before
Keep in mind painting is not my hobby. Sewing and photography are. So I haven't painted in a while. I also have never taken a painting class nor have I taken more than one studio art class either. So...not bad, huh? I like it, and so does the monkey.

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