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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Filled Flower Pot

I've been wondering for a long time what to put into my hanging flower pot from Ikea. Well, it finally hit me when we decided to put my sewing table back in its original corner. A friend of mine made some flower centerpieces for my (post baby shower) baby celebration in July. After the party ended, I collected the flowers and stuffed them into one paper vase. The bouquet has been sitting in its original paper vase since I brought it home. The current problem is that its top-heavy. It keeps falling over. Also, I cannot keep it within reach of the monkey, or he will destroy it. I had it atop the printer paper storage, but found that it was inconvenient. In my house, space is a commodity, to say the least. So, I realized that I could put it in the hanging flower pot, and it would solve the problem of where to put it and what to put in the pot.
On a side (and mostly unrelated) note, we put the sewing desk back in the corner next to the couch. Then we relocated the makeshift storage unit to the dead space behind the door.
It seems like a better fit for the space, anyway. I can once again use my sewing machine. I know this picture shows the area as messy, but I already have projects that need to be done. Again, clutter issues.
Here is the before picture, but after we got our new table.
I actually got to sew something this morning , too! I have a booklet from Babyville Boutique that describes how to make soakers for cloth diapers.
It includes how to make a prefold diaper.
So, even though it didn't turn out right, I was able to use my machine. Yeah!
The monkey seemed very interested. Anyhoo, sewing's a good thing considering its been 5+ months since I was last able to do it. Truthfully, the machine was buried under stuff, again. Like I said, I have clutter issues.

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