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Monday, January 30, 2012

Coupons update and trust issues

So they took all my coupons, but... then there was tax... on the original amount. I am glad that I waited the extra time to purchase the product, and even though tax added about half of what I saved, I can claim bargain shopping queen status.
On a related note, I have demonstrated to my husband that I am now more responsible with our money. So, one of the greatest compliments (through action) that he could give me is trust. He let me use his credit card to pay for gas, but the thing is I wasn't with him. That is saying a lot, though. I have worked hard and struggled to get to this point, and actually I'm quite proud of the level of trust that I've earned.
It wasn't always this way. Early in our marriage I would come home with a purchase and he would give me "the look." Wives, you know what I'm talking about. It's that look of "What did you buy this time?" and "Do you really need that?" and "Don't you already have one?", etc. all rolled into one. We got married at the end of 2008, and by that time the economy had started declining. I had also just returned from Japan and was not exactly loaded. Add that to my shopping habit/addiction, and it was a recipe for disaster.
So, how did I overcome my habit. I haven't really, but I have realized that I do need to live within my means for the sake of the child. I work very little now, so I make very little. My spending should reflect that. If I need clothes, I thrift. If we need food, I coupon. If the child needs something, I search craigslist. That is not to say that I did not have help. A dear friend of mine asked if my husband and I would like to participate in the Crown Financial Series. It is a Biblically based financial workshop that teaches what the Christian God has to say about money, debt, spending, investing, and the like. If you don't subscribe to the religious stuff, it still offers excellent and very sound advice for handling money.
One way I kept track of my money (still do) is with the Mint.com app for Android. It allows me to track stuff and see where my money is going and for what. It is highly rated and free. You can log in from a mobile device or from a computer. While I am not diligent, it has helped  me realize that I have goals that I was not able to obtain because of the way I did not pay attention to money.

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