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Friday, January 27, 2012

Yeah for coupons!

So, I am into saving money with coupons, right? I also love to get points cards, one of which is from Ulta. I recently received their mailer with the $3.50 off coupon, and to my delight, found that one of my favorite beauty products from Neutrogena is on sale for $16.99. If I do this right, I can get a $20 product for $10.50+tax. Yeah, me! 

Would you like to know more? Join Ulta's rewards program; I have this one. They will send you a sale flier with opportunities to earn extra points for certain products. Usually it includes a coupon of some sort. If you  already have the card and get the coupon, go to Neutrogena's special offers page. You do have to submit some information, including email. I, personally, just use my junk email account. You can get a $3 off coupon to try to use with Ulta's.

So, the microdermabrasion system is on sale for $16.99. The club coupon is minus $3.50. The manufacturer's coupon is $3 off, and you could even slpurge and buy a package of refills and a cleanser or something else to bring your total to $30 in order to use the mail-in-rebate coupon for $10 back. Or not, but you still get the great microdermabrasion system for a grand total of $10.50 IF Ulta accepts the coupon. I have yet to try it because I drove there without looking at the start date.
Keep in mind that this is a limited time offer through Ulta. Their coupon is only valid from 1/29/12 to 2/11/12, so get on it!

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