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Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Updates

So... Updates on projects
  • Home Improvement- We have had the electrical updated which includes new recessed lighting with dimmers. Also, we have had proper heating installed. Thank you Fujitsu and Anaheim Heating & Air Conditioning. The bathroom sink has been updated, as well as, the shower faucet and toilet thanks to One Way Rooter. The floors were replaced prior to move-in, with the exception of the kitchen courtesy of Empire Today. Currently, the house is being painted, and next are the windows.
  • White Speedylock 1600, Image courtesy of TriCounty Sewing Center
  • Sewing- I now own 3 vintage Singers, a student model Singer, a craft model Singer, and a White Serger. The serger is relatively easy to use once you understand threading, but I don't think I understand tension quite yet. As for the craft model Singer, I think I broke it trying to sew my diaper pail liners. I think 4 layers of PUL was a little too much for it to handle. My Singer 403 is in the desk I bought for it, and my 401 is currently waiting for a tune up. I luckily found someone who will do it for $30 and knows what he's doing. at Palsco Liquidators (link to map) *see note below. Lastly, the bane of my existence, the Touch and Sew, sits somewhere wrapped and awaiting its next victim. I refuse to use it, so it is collecting dust and taking up space. Speaking of vintage, I also bought myself a vintage dress form so that I could fit clothes to my figure. That is currently on hold, as I lost my sewing room to the child.
  • Photo/video- The video is still on hold. I have many projects that I have started and not finished. It seems that life keeps getting more and more complicated. I would like to stay at home with the child so that I can do my hobbies, but it seems that I am constantly under water with cleaning and organizing. I never have quite recovered from moving to this house as most of our belongings reside in the garage. At the very least my camera equipment stays in the house.
  • The Child: Monkey Z- This is my newest, most time-consuming, and most permanent project. He graced us with his presence in the middle of 2011 and keeps me occupied so that I am tired rather than bored. I think I don't mind, and I will enjoy what our relationship will bring. Currently, I love getting him to laugh.
Note: Palsco is great if you are looking for a used sewing machine. The man who owns the place has been working with sewing machines for many years, and it is a multi-generational facility. In addition, if you buy a machine from him, he will do tune ups for $30, whereas most other places will charge at least $50 or $60 for the same service. Be aware that if you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, you might want to buy from him at his ebay store because everyone there who is old enough to smoke does such that you can smell it before you enter the door. Just make sure to communicate that you are located close and would like to take advantage of his offer for tune ups.

There is another update here.

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