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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Very Sick Monkey

Image courtesy of Facebook

So, this last weekend I caught the worst case of the stomach flu from my little Monkey that I have ever had the discomfort of enduring. By the eve of St. Patty's day, I was literally curled up in a ball in bed with fever and chills and stomach cramps. Not fun, people, not fun at all!
It turns out that his immune system is at its weakest between 6 and 9 months. So, while we lost sleeping through the night ground to the stomach flu, I did discover that he was waking up from teething pain at 1 am. As a result, I give him a dose of teething tablets at his last feeding of the night and it seems to get him to sleep until about 4 or 5 am. It's baby steps, but I will take almost anything at this point.
Since I want to be kind to the environment and to my own child, I decided to use homeopathic remedies whenever possible. I use Hyland's teeting tablets. They are working for me, at night at least.


  1. Poor little Monkey! And poor Mama to! Hyland teething tabs ROCK! However, I do also use ibuprofen. Once the girls hit 6 months we ditched tylenol all together because it seemed to not work as well as ibuprofen. But I generally use the teething tabs during the day when they can chew on things to relieve their discomfort and then give them a dose of ibuprofen at night. Seems to work. Both girls are cutting molars right now and Sophia just has the one molar left that has broken through right now and then just her eye teeth. Almost at the end of the line with her. Gabriella on the other hand is taking her sweet time with her teeth.

    1. Yeah, I generally don't give him anything during the day. He's whiny, but that I can endure. Right now he's into eating grass (when we go outside) and chewing the life out of his feeding spoons.
      He's also trying to stand already, and he walks pretty well when he holds onto our hands.

    2. haha. I swear Sophia is a goat. She puts everything in her mouth...grass, leaves, gnaws on furniture, shoes. You name it, she mouths it. Don't know if anyone else has reccomended this to you, but frozen waffles worked well for us when Isabella was teething. The twins haven't taken to it at all, which clearly reinforces the concept that each child is different, but we couldn't live without them in Isabella's case.