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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Build-a-bed, the saga

Operation Preparation initiated. (9/30/12)
Yes, we are preparing to take everything in the house and completely switch it around so that Monkey Z's room and playroom are one and the same. We are going to reclaim the living room and possibly even add storage and work space to the kitchen. Oh rapture!
So phase one has started. The pivotal item to our plan is a bed built out of Ikea parts (think Ikeahackers). Think loft bed with dressers and clothes rods underneath. We will end up needing Ivar storage shelves and 4 Malm 6 drawer chests to start. Today we just purchased the second chest from Craigslist.
Gotta love Craigslist! It allows us to reuse and pass our usable stuff along to recoup some of the costs.
I will keep updating as we get closer to building our ridiculously high bed. And when it's done look for a link to the Ikea hackers website.

Update 11/4/12:
So it is now November, and we have reached a stalemate. There is a person who keeps posting and re-posting a set of Malm chests (2, the exact number we need) on Craigslist. They are considerably more than what we have paid for our other two, and quite far. That person is unwilling to deliver at the said price, or even work with me to give us a fair deal given how far we would have to drive. They have two, we need two, and it is very frustrating because they seem to be the only two available on craigslist right now in Orange County.

Update 11/27/12
We still only have 2 Malm chests, which means that my clothes are still in the Monkey's room...Grrr! Cooperate Craigslist people!!!
The bed structure, on the other hand is 95% done.
Read Part 2 here.

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