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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The childcare dilemna

So my wonderful, flexible, centrally-located, christian daycare is impacted by the fact that 2-3 other infant care programs in the area closed. ARRRGH! It was hard enough to find that one. Yes, I am going to rant a little.
The catch-22 cycles again. I need childcare to get work which pays for childcare. It's not even like I need someone to babysit monkey z so that I can go get my nails done or hang out at the mall without said child. Why does it have to be so difficult?
At the very least, I have learned my lesson with interviewing individual (in my home) caregivers. No, thanks!! I do not want to do that again only to have them flake on me and then give me a week to replace them, especially when it took 2 months to find them.
No, this time I am looking at In-home daycares (licensed, of course). So, we shall see how it goes...

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