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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yeh! It's Christmas.

And, no, Yeh is not misspelled.
It is officially here! I have made it through the organizational havoc of moving the entire house around enough to start the Christmas decorating.
So, we put up our little "green" tree. It's reusable, and we dig it out every year from the garage. We even replaced the lights that came on it with led lights. So it's green I. A couple different ways. Yes, very corny pun intended.
That's about as far as we've gotten, though. We haven't put up the ornaments yet. What kind of ornaments, you ask? Well, on my trip to Japan I collected Hello Kitty phone charms from each place I visited, and I literally fill up the tree with just those. Poor B-chan doesn't have much room left after I get done... And the kids? Yeah right. We'll either have to get a bigger one or mommy will have her own tree.
No picture yet, but I will post one of the tree after we finish.

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