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Friday, December 14, 2012

Trash & treasures

Free stuff is good, especially when it would cost a good chunk of change to get it with your own money.
Since I've had the monkey, I've realized there is no shame in taking other people's cast offs. I've bought second hand stuff. In fact, a good portion of the monkey's clothes are second hand, and we're starting to get to the free stuff, now. But I digress...
So, today b-chan was taking the monkey for a morning walk when he found a Little Tikes slide out by someone's trash. It's in better condition than the Cozy Coupe we found, except aesthetically. The owner child decided to give it a green paint job. So, if you have any good non-toxic paint removal techniques, I'd love to know. Still, both items have life left in them, and we would not be able to afford them otherwise. Also, it was a nice birthday gift for me to see my kid get a new (to us), otherwise unaffordable toy.
Anyway, the point is free is good, especially if its in good condition. It's a green practice, too, since it keeps stuff out of the landfill.

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