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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Covering Milk and Apples for Bottoms

Yes, it's been a while. I am still pregnant... more so than ever, so I do not get much done these days. Most weeks consist of appointments with various doctors, dentists, and the like. I will begin weekly visits to the Ob in May, and hopefully, the coconut will grace the world with her presence early Memorial Day weekend (read: Friday).
As for covering milk, I found a great idea for a nursing cover. Its an asymmetrical shawl, but it works to cover the unsightly back fat that inevitably shows with the bib style covers. I think it cost about $6 and 2 minutes to make, aside from washing and drying time. You can see a version of it here. Since I have an aversion to photographs, especially this late in my pregnancy, I will spare you the fashion show.
I changed the dimensions a little based on the suggestions by Danielle at DIYDanielle. I simply cut the uneven edges to be even, then sewed the neckline. My dear sweet B-chan is the model in the pictures.

B-chan with the practice coconut and the Monkey

Nursing Shawl, showing asymmetrical shape

B-chan with the practice coconut under the shawl
Lastly, I finally got a chance to make some more flannel diaper wipes for the monkey and the coconut. You've heard of Apple Bottoms (the brand)? Well, this is not quite brand name but they are for the bottom and they have apples on them. I thought it was cute... All this took me about an hour while B-chan took the monkey for a walk. I finally got a little chance to sew.
Flannel from JoAnns that was on sale, apples for bottoms

Finished wipe, serged

And here's your free tidbit for the day! Drum roll,  please. I have officially moved up to... wait for it... a Mom mobile! It's daddy approved, even! Enter the 2014 Mazda CX-5, a small SUV with lots of cargo room and great gas mileage.It's a manual transmission, even! Props to the in-laws for making that happen. So, now we have our double stroller and our mom mobile. Aside from shifting clothes around, we're almost ready.
(L to R) Honda Civic, Mazda CX-5, Baby Jogger City Select (one seat only,
at the moment)

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