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Friday, March 1, 2013

Build-a- bed 6 (rearranging things)

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The elusive ladder

We actually need to finish this bed thing before May (read: before baby Yeh #2 comes along). So I was talking to the great and wonderful B-chan about it and worked it out that we should be done with the ladder by the end of April. We should probably be done with a lot of things by the end of April, but this post is about the bed...
I googled a tutorial for a loft/ bunk bed ladder by Ana White, but we still have to figure out how to attach it so that it slides in and out. The monkey seems to think that he can climb up on the ladder. I just don't want to be staring an unfinished project in the face when I can do absolutely nothing about it for at least 6 months.
Part of this whole build-a bed thing is completely rearranging pretty much the entire house so that the kids have the big bedroom. I was re-thinking things and figured it might be nice to have our bed back in the big room once the kids share a bunk bed of sorts. It means we'd be able to get at the drawers in the Malm chests that currently are barely accessible. For the small room, I've even seen a Murphy bunk bed! But that's later, waaaay later.

Musical Chairs...beds, desks, etc.

So, back to rearranging... I emptied our closet so that we could move our computer cabinet into our room. An empty closet clears it of our stuff for the Monkey and Coconut's clothes.
Printer cabinet before move
Crib relocated next to changing table
I also completely rearranged the kids' room so that we could fit the Ikea Kids' loft bed where the crib was. Speaking of the new bed, I have read that it is better to make one big transition at a time. The poor monkey; he has 3 months left to be an only child, is teething, is (sort of) potty training, will need to adjust to staying with grandma and grandpa Yeh for a couple days, and will be moving to a real bed pretty much all in the next 3 months. But, I digress.
We are planning to get the bed this weekend from someone on Craigslist. Hopefully, it will work out that they can disassemble it enough to fit into the accord. I think we still need to get a mattress though.
For now, I took pictures of how the sewing corner looks after I emptied the monkey's toy shelf and added it to our old nightstands (see below). (I will post more pictures of the kids' room when the monkey is not asleep.) We got a different toy storage system from B-chan's sister. Yeah for hand-me-downs; just keepin' it green, and redecorating with stuff I already have.
Bookshelf with toy shelf and relocated toys

Creating new storage

Sewing/Office Corner
So the printer is cleverly hidden on the top shelf behind the little curtain on the cart. The bottom shelf holds my large sewing box. The cart, itself, needs to be shortened by a couple inches so that the sewing table will once again open the way it should.
Bookshelf over nightstands
The bookshelf needs to be attached to the nightstands with brackets and screws so that it is not balanced quite as precariously. It worked out, however, that the width and depth of the bookshelf are just small enough to fit over the nightstands.

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