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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cell phone ridiculousness

Oh, Daiso, how I love you. How you love my wallet!
Once again I went out on an errand and got swallowed up by the awful wonderfulness that is Daiso. For the most part, I stuck to what I needed...for the most part.
Then, I saw this... And had to have it. The quintessential Japanese-Ness of it is brilliantly beautiful; ever so slightly gaudy cleverly disguised by extreme cuteness. Like I said, I had to have it; it sang to me.
That's not to say I haven't needed some sort of phone decoration. Since my phone doesn't have one of those little loops for a charm, I had resigned to having no decoration because I couldn't stomach the price for the earphone jack charms. Daiso solved that problem for me! And now I have something to grab onto when trying to fish my phone out of my bottomless purse.

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