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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Future Daddy in Training

Yeah, I know its a bit early to be thinking about my son being a daddy, but the picture is just too darn cute.
Allow me to explain. The doll is the one I purchased to help the monkey understand that the elf was coming. The bottle was from one of the monkey's baby shower games- be the first to empty the bottle. So now that the elf has arrived, the monkey sees us taking care of her and he can help in his own way.
He looked so serious when he was doing it, and while he is at the age of learning every day tasks through play, I believe that cleaning toys, kitchen toys and a "daughter" should be in his toy collection, too. Be should learn things now that will make him not only helpful, but also a better husband and father.
Yes, he has trucks, cars and blocks. He will also be more well rounded than a lot of boys, which is good for his future wife.
So there you have proof of my incredibly cute monkey's "daddy training".

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