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Thursday, September 5, 2013

10 ways I keep my kids healthy

1. Make my own flour- I got a Vitamix dry container for grains. Now I can grind my own flour out of whole grains.
2. Make bread myself- I got a breadmaker so that I could control what goes into the bread.
3. Make green smoothies- Back to the Vitamix...for the most part, I don't give the monkey juice (store bought). He drinks ground up fruit and veggies.
4. Use cloth diapers- Yes, its not for everyone, but it was never a question for me.
5. Make my own detergent- Most detergents have chemicals, fragrances, and colors that are not safe, so I decided to start making my own on the advice of an Ace employee.
6. Use simple cleaners- I switched cleaners to simple ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc...
7. Limit TV- The monkey is 2 now, but I still limit his TV to half an hour if I can.
8. Involve the monkey- I give the monkey age appropriate jobs. He helps me grocery shop, cook, launder, and clean. I believe that teaching him now will help him make healthy choices later.
9. Allow the monkey to walk- When we're in the store, he walks around the store. In the middle of summer (now, in California)
10. Breastfeed- I nursed the monkey for a year and plan on the same for the elf. It's just "easier" and definitely less expensive.

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