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Thursday, September 5, 2013

10 Useful Kitchen Gadgets I Can't Live Without

One could probably live without most of these if under duress, however, I have found that these items truly do improve the cooking experience for me.
Left to right: Crock pot (thrifted), Vitamix with dry container, Rice Cooker
1. Vitamix blender- this one is not cheap, but it has more than paid for itself with daily use- I mean _every_ day! I have the wet & dry containers.
2. Breadmaker- Originally I bought one on Craigslist, but it broke not long after. I had to replace it with one from Target.
Breadman Breadmaker (Soyajoy Soymilk maker at left)
3. Combination blender- this is so versatile. We use the immersion part for making the Monkey's milk. I used the whisk to make meringue, and the chopper is handy for salsa.
4. Crockpot (pictured above)- thrift stores w/ a decent return policy are a great place to get one of these. I'm actually on my second one, and it does more than just dinner. I use it for yogurt, too.
5. Rice cooker (pictured above)- mine is a Zojirushi one. It does several different kinds of rice and has 2 different timers.
6. Hot water pot- this is so indispensible. It keeps a fair amount of hot water ready to use.
Hot Water Pot
7. Mandolin slicer- if you need lots of even slices fast, this is the way to go. Then you don't have to spend a bunch of time trying to slice evenly.
Mandolin Slicer with cheese grater in Daiso basket
8. Step stool (while handy, a pain in the bottom to get out and set up)- if your house is like mine and you're forced to use high storage, then one of these is also indispensable. The monkey uses it to "help" mommy, too.
9. Grocery bags (currently stored in the car)- I mean the reusable kind. If your grocer is like mine (Sprouts or Mother's), they will give you a 5¢ discount per bag. With the way some baggers contain groceries, that's potentially a 50¢ discount! You just have to remember to bring them every time. I also got some mesh ones for produce, and would like to get some for my bulk dry goods. Don't forget to get some insulated ones for perishables.
10. Kitchen timer/ food thermometer- for some things temperature is important. Yogurt temperature must be maintained, and meat must reach a minimum. The timer part is useful for multi-tasking.
Kitchen timer with thermometer probe
Just remember don't break the bank!
What do you use in your kitchen? Feel free to link or leave a comment.

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