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Friday, September 20, 2013

Menagerie of Tufts

This post was inspired by the many "make-up bag contents" posts on Youtube and various blogs around the web.

The Collection

I have both a travel set and a home set of brushes. I actually do use both. If I have a special occasion coming up and I need my face done really well, I'll use the home set, but I usually just grab my travel set and do my make-up on the way to whatever event.

The look is only as good as the tools and technique, but the tools don't have to break the bank. Yes, (once you see the picture) I do have a ridiculous amount of brushes. What can I say? I'm a collector.


Retractable make-up brushes
I love cute Japanese drawstring bags so I adopted one for the purpose of my travel make-up/brush set. It actually keeps them pretty well and is just the right size.The best feature of this set is the palette, actually but that will be discussed in another post. For now, I will talk about the brushes. I have a couple different types.
Japanese pouch and brush
w/ mirror
First, I purchased a bunch of different retractable brushes. These ones don't have brands on them, but they are more common than when I first bought them. I do particularly remember purchasing some Sonia Kashuk and Ecotools. They have good quality brushes with soft bristles that, for the most part, don't shed and won't cost you an arm and leg (or one of your children). One feature in particular attracted me to this type of brush. I liked the idea of having lids on them, especially if they were going to get thrown in a bag in my purse. Essentially, they come with their own protection.

Short travel make-up brushes
The other type of brushes are simply ones with short handles. I personally like the brand Japonesque. They are not necessarily inexpensive, however, purchasing them at your nearest Ulta during Bogo 1/2 is slightly more financially lucrative than doing it at their normal full price. I also have some other random short brushes like the Covergirl, Revlon, and Sonia Kashuk.

Really blurry picture of travel mirror, lash
curlers, separator, and (my beloved)
 Anna Sui pencil sharpener
big travel brushes, contents
of the zipper pouch in brush
In the last, terribly blurry picture (that I don't fee like replacing), I am showing my eyelash separator, upper and lower curlers, Anna Sui pencil sharpener (from Japan), and Hello Kitty mirror. At one point I bought a Lancome brush because it had the short handle, but I don't really carry it because various brands released the retractables. I also own a Japonesque kabuki which has a nicely solid handle


 full brush roll
So, that is just for traveling... I have a completely different and much more complete set for use at home. At the right, I have pictured the contents of the zipper pouch in my brush roll, which by the way is from Ulta.
I have quite a menagerie of brushes, hence the title. They include a variety so that I would have a complete set for different applications. I have everything from Sephora to Ultimate Posh (an off brand from Sears). My brushes include powder, blush, foundation, concealer, shadow, eyeliner, lip, brow, and mascara protector. They range in price, too, but generally run on the cheap side.
Powder, blush and fan
These brushes include Sonia Kashuk and Ecotools. I like the quality and feel of them, and while they are not expensive, they are not cheaply made.
Foundation and concealer
This set also includes the names above as well as Essence of Beauty, e.l.f. cosmetics, and Ultimate Posh (left to right). The Essence of beauty is the largest foundation brush that I could find. I wanted something that would cover a lot of surface area at one time.
Shadow brushes
I chose 3 different sizes of shadow in addition to a crease brush and 2 sponge applicators. This picture (bottom to top) includes Sephora Professional, Ultimate Posh, e.l.f., Sonia Kashuk, and one I don't remember.
Mascara shield, lash separator/brow,
brow powder, eyeliners lip
This last picture includes my mascara shield, lash separator (with metal pins), brow brush from Bare Esentuals, eye liners from Sonia Kashuk and Maybelline, and lip brush by Bloom.


Yes, I have a lot of brushes, but I do use them. I like sets of things, though. So, I will collect what I think is a complete set.

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