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Monday, September 23, 2013

More glass & blue threads


I brought home a couple more jars for my kitchen re-do. I really like the cracker jars with lids by Anchor Hocking. They make 3 different sizes that are perfect for my selection of grains and baking supplies.
This time I only picked up 2 at Goodwill, but I found some smaller jars that will fit my baking staples.
I was also lucky enough to find a replacement lid for my laundry detergent. Earlier in the week it fell off the jar as I was preparing to do laundry (forehead to palm. Then *sad face*). The jar I bought is a Heritage Hill glass jar, also by Anchor Hocking with a glass lid.


So, I have this wedding coming up. The couple getting married is close to both B-chan and me, and after the wedding we went to in July and the Epic Fail that was my dress, I had to do something different.  
I found the dress at Target on clearance and decided to get something to cover the shoulders because the event is outside in a beach town in October. I just happened to find the perfect purse to accompany the ensemble, too. I think the total cost must have been around $30. I already have a pair of suede pumps with a chunky heel to go with it. It's an outdoor wedding, so I'm sure they won't sink as badly as skinny ones. Anyway, the purse just spoke to me; it's not like I was looking for it. I liked how unique it is.

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