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Friday, September 13, 2013

Madeover Threads

I decided to take back the space claimed by all our linen, and since Blogger has not been working properly on my phone, this post has been sitting unfinished for a while. I even wrote out a post and then my phone died...grrr.
So, after scouring on Pinterest, I found a post where someone used dollar store baskets to re-do her linen closet here. This may not be the exact one I remember, but it fits the bill for this post. I just happened to pick the same color baskets because they contrast nicely with my white bookshelf.
Before organizing all the linens
The difference is noticeable! I haven't made labels yet, but that wont take long because I have a nifty little label maker. By the way, my label maker is thrifted. So, for about $13.00 I reorganized the linens in our house with the exception of our bathroom towels. Talk about low budget!
After dollar store basket makeover
So at least one small space in our house is organized. Don't let it fool you, however. We still haven't recovered from our move into this house about 3 years ago. Since then, we have moved furniture around in the house about 3 or 4 times, had 2 babies, built our raised bed (see The Bed Saga), and generally lost track of things in the clutter (I'm embarrassed to say).
I am slowly trying to take back our space, since we will be here a while more. So, hopefully I can continue the chain of inspiration to reorganize on a budget. 

How do you organize your home? Can you afford Container Store or do you, like me, shop at Dollar Tree?

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