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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ichi Man (10 K) Visits

First of all, thank you!!!
I never would have thought it possible that people would want to read what I write. What began as an online journal has evolved into a creative outlet for me to tell it the way I see it. I can "get out" despite being confined to my home many days.
I always considered myself someone that people don't have time to listen to. My conversations usually get interrupted, then I lose my train of thought, and end up repeating myself over and over, which for some is irritatingly boring. In short, I often have a difficult time expressing myself. That exact problem or rather the way I present my information caused many a disagreement with my own father who made it very clear that I had to either meet him on his terms or not at all. So rather than fight, I just gave in to thinking that what I had to say or my input was, as he often put it, irrelevant.
That's not to say that a person or two hasn't shown that kind of courtesy in this forum. (Ikea Hackers hater, I'm talking to you) for the most part the response has been positive. I have many friends who have provided traffic for this blog, and many more people have simply stumbled across it. To all of you, haters and friends alike, thank you very much for reading what I have to say.
I sincerely hope that what I say helps you, makes you laugh, or brightens your day somehow. I hope that you are able to enjoy my musings, and learn from my tutorials.
Actually the most surprising thing is the foreign audience I have. I'm really not sure if its a steady audience or just accidental, but it makes me happy to know that people around the world are reading what I have to say.
I truly am grateful for my audience, but for me, I'd like to see more comments and responses from my readers. I would love to get an email or two telling me about what you think. I would like to see continual feedback. My writing does not depend on it; I will write whether or not people respond. Its just nice to have dialogue. Once again, if you're reading this blog, thank you for pausing to hear my voice. Please take a moment to leave a comment or sign my guestbook. I look forward to reading your comments and responses.

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