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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Daiso Day

Grand Opening
So, Buena Park has officially gained a Daiso. The grand opening was Saturday morning, complete with taiko performance by UC Riverside's group.

I dragged B-chan and the kids to "go see the drums", but of course I had a list of things to get. Forty dollars later, I was able to get the goodie bag that they gave to the first 200 customers. It was mostly snacks.

The line ran along the side of the building when I got there, but by the time it opened, the line wrapped around the corner and along the parking lot a bit. The store was also fairly small, so they had to limit the number of people in the store at a time. The good thing is I was able to get the goody bag.

The Goods

Among my spoils, I had to replace the strawberry shaped cell phone screen cleaner that the monkey broke. This time I got a kitty version... Much cuter.

I also found some enameled containers for which I've been searching for several years. They are better for foods that might react with metal.

Also among my spoils, I scored a couple travel locks to keep scissors under wraps, as well as, sewing notions, a floor mat, an over-the-door cabinet basket. With the exception of the floor mat, everything was $1.50, but $3 is still not bad.
The downside of these grand openings is that the store is crowded and it is hard to move around. I was only able to shop half the store because waiting in line to pay would have taken even longer. Already the line followed the length of two of the walls. At least the store is run efficiently enough that the line did not take that long.
It's kind of funny that in Japan I traveled two to three times as far by bicycle just to get to a Daiso. I don't quite have the luxury of that much time. Pehaps if I had not had my babies yet, I could still ride my bike there. The elf is not quite big enough to ride in the bike trailer, but soon. Nonetheless, it will still be a while before I can take the babies with me on a bike.

I went back today to get to the rest of the store. I found a gorgeous pencil with lead, a mechanical carpenter's pencil with lead, and a completely awesome make-up mirror for my bag. It is a large version of a black rose shaped Anna Sui knock-off.

This time it cost me $30, so I should be good until January (or until I need to organize something with baskets).

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