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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ramblings: Furnishings And Sewing

I've noticed that I go in spurts when it comes to sewing. For a while, my machine will be buried under mass amounts of clutter, but then one day, I will get so fed up with not being able to sew, that I will clean it off. Then I use my machine a bunch and slowly the clutter builds, repeating the cycle.
At least with this arrangement, I have access to both machines in a way that won't block the door. For now, it's a bit difficult to get to the machine, but less so than before. It won't be long before we can move the bassinet out of the living room (which will be a relief).
Don't get me wrong, it's been very helpful to have somewhere else to put the elf to sleep when the monkey wants to play. However, it does take up space. Its last hurrah will probably be at B-chan's company retreat in December. I wanted one that is very portable, and this one folds down flat and small-ish.
On a distantly related note, I was back at it again today. This time I replicated a bib that someone made and gave to me when the monkey was the elf's age.

I really liked it because of its fit, but the monkey drooled so much that it absolutely soaked through 2 layers off absorbent flannel and the shirt meant to stay dry. Unfortunately the elf is going in the same direction in the drool department. So where am I going with this?
I got out my handy dandy wax paper and made a pattern from the original, then added a layer of PUL for good measure. The result is a very cute bib!

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