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Friday, February 21, 2014

85° Love

We love the Taiwanese bakery 85 ℃ and there just happens to be a location that opened up right near the Daiso in Buena Park. I like going to grand openings because they give out free stuff, and today was no exception. For 85℃, the line wasn't very long, but as we entered, one of the associates handed us keychains as thanks "for waiting in line".

They were also offering a gift with purchase. The red mug has a picture of a girl calling out "Fresh bread!" as they do in the store. On the other side, little faces smile at you from a variety of pastry shapes. You, too, can have this cute mug with a $20 purchase, while supplies last, of course.

When you enter the store, grab a pair of tongs and a tray. Select your culinary delights with the tongs and place them on your tray. When you pay, the store personnel will bag and/or box your food, unless of course it's going to disappear before you even get back to your car.

You will find one line for pastries and a separate one for cakes, drinks, and other desserts, though you can order drinks in the pastry line.

The desserts are awesome, but use caution because your hips, bottom, and belly will agree. Word travels by mouth, and just like any popular Asian establishment, the wait is long but wort it.

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