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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Potty Bag

I have the Potette plus travel potty because our bathroom is literally so small that we need a collapsible one. I like the idea of the reusable liner so much that I created my own travel versions.

Well, the bag that came with the potty is plastic, and to my dismay, I found it had ripped down the side before a family outing.

I decided that I could easily make a replacement travel bag that would hold the potty, a mat, and some prefolds to wipe up messes.

Armed with my trusty Jo-Ann's coupons I headed over to the craft store to pick up the fabric. For the drawstring and bead to hold it shut, I used good old Daiso products. Using the same technique as for my diaper pail liners, I created a bag with gussets based on the measurements of the potty. Unexpectedly, it fits both folded and unfolded.

I am including pictures of the assembly. My tutorials are basic but they usually assume. that you have some minimum sewing experience. I should probably mention at some point that we are neck deep in potty training with the Monkey. I will not elaborate on my sticker system now, but I prefer giving stickers rather than candy as a reward.

Potette Plus Outer Bag Tutorial
1. I used the dimensions of the potty seat, plus a little give, plus seam allowance to decide the cut of material. A tracing of the potty on a piece of paper gave me most of what I needed.

2. I cut the material to the dimensions I needed.

3. I used hem clips to hold the material together, but pins would work, too.

4. I folded in the gusset in the bottom and re-clipped.

5. I folded down a casing at the top and clipped.

6. I sewed the sides using my White serger. On one side I sewed all the way up, while on the other side I left room for the edges of the casing to be open for the drawstring.

7. The fabric I used is the Babyville PUL and it is very tempermental on my vintage machine. I used regular polyester thread to sew the seam for the casing.

8. Finally, I threaded my Daiso drawstring through the casing and bead. Then I tied a knot.

I made sure the gussets turned properly.

Voila! Travel potty once again travel ready. I hope that if you have this product and need a replacement for the bag it came with you can use this tutorial to make a replacement.

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