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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Japanese-y Organized

Ok, I'm just really bad at taking before pictures, but fairly decent at re-organizing.

The picture above shows. The bathroom cabinet after I added some storage. There is a tension rod that holds the gloves, flatiron, and hairdryer. I used hooks with clips attached to hang the stuff. The shelf came from Aki-home's kitchen section. And the baskets are from Daiso. (Oh, Daiso...)

The other thing I finally got organized was the kitchen storage cart. The microwave cart we had was just missing something (adjustable shelves, more shelves...). Anyway, after the recent earthquake, with an epicenter within 2 miles, we decided to re-evaluate our kitchen a little. I've been feeling like I want to get B-chan a countertop dishwasher, but our counter to cabinet is about 4 inches too short. I digress. Back to the microwave cart that was no longer containing everything it needed to hold. We decided to replace it with a chrome shelf unit from Aki-home. It has more shelves and is about the same size as the microwave cart.

For once I took a before picture.

Here is the after. It is a work in progress because I still have to get some baskets for it, but I like that we can hang stuff from it, at least.

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