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Friday, May 2, 2014

Neo Lava Bottle

This bottle works as a timer for time-outs to help children (and adults) relax. You can use it as part of your discipline or just a consequence for needing to calm down. Its fun to just stare at it and watch the pieces fall.



1. Glitter (fine, medium, & corse)

2. Glue (clear)

3. Glitter glue

4. Super glue

5. Water

6. Water bottle of choice (Voss, featured)

7. Sequins (optional)

8. goop remover (also optional)


1. If you get a nice bottle, obviously drink the water first. I still used filtered water from our Pur tap filter. I also used heated water mixed with room temperature water to help the glue mix, and filled it about half full.

1a. Actually, before I filled the bottle I removed the label residue with Goo Gone. I found that pulling quickly meant less sticky stuff.

2. Decide how much glitter glue you want to use. Then add the individual sizes of regular glitter.

3. Add the clear glue until almost full. Close the lid and test (a couple times), adding more glitter and glitter glue as necessary. For this project, I used the small Voss and most of an Elmer's

4. Use Super Glue, Crazy Glue, or anything else with a permanent bond to glue the lid on.

5. Time your creation. The big pieces will fall quickly, while the fine glitter may never really settle. Mine settles about 5 minutes at this posting. It may slow as the water cools.




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