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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Customizable Organizing Binder

My new favorite binder system, M by Staples: Arc.

The generic tab pockets I added and punched with the Arc hole punch (see below).

The generic pocket folder I hole punched and added. So cute!

My hole punch for adding custom printed (read: planner) pages.

Larger size rings to expand capacity up to 200 pages.

The binder and rings are M by Staples: Arc, while the dividers are Avery and the folder is Studio C.

I see great potential for this line of supplies as a binder for my personal planner, teaching, home organizing, menu planning, etc. Also, I already own a junior size version I keep as my blogging notebook/calendar. I bought the Martha Stewart line (Discbound) because they are compatible. After perusing the internet and wandering across iheart organizing's personalized calendar. I decided to go forward with the purchase. Then, I came across another (read:pricier) supplier. This is good to know because I heard from Staples people that the Arc like will be discontinued.

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