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Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Whirlwind

The summer has come and gone, leaving me breathless and perplexed as to where it actually went. I worked a 10 week summer program as a camp counselor, hosted several parties/bbq's, and attended Anime Expo again this year (with the babies).
On the Mommy front, my children have reached some milestones. The monkey is in true daytime potty learning. He currently wears Thomas and Friends exclusively, though he was given the choice of Thomas or Minions (Despicable Me). When he's not in his Thomas tighties, he sports Gerber trainers or "flies free". The elf has really taken to the  sign language because it helps us understand her a little better. She is also walking and has cut 6 teeth. I believe that is further along than the monkey was at her age.
On the home front, my B-chan still has not found work, but seems to be struggling with what to do in his life. Please keep him in your prayers (if you know us and pray). My goal this year is to get a long term position in Garden Grove school District and possibly add subbing in Fullerton. Again, if praying is your thing, please pray that our income increases such that we can support ourselves and take care of various medical needs in addition.

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