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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Washi Tape

I have officially discovered washi tape courtesy of Daiso. What is it, you ask? In short, skinny masking tape with colorful or cute designs.

For quite a while I've been wondering what the craze was about, but after purchasing some last night and decorating some notebooks, I totally get it. You can see a before picture of my planner in my post Executive Homemaker II, but just to be a good sport, I'll include it here.

The after picture really shows the difference the tape makes. Yes, I went a little crazy, but the tape is so very very cute.

I even went so far as to decorate the dividers and pockets inside It reallly brings the whole thing together and reflects my ability to do cute very very well. The tape even helps me show what's happening on my planner pages and gives them a happy burst of color.

As mentioned in my Executive Homemaker II post, I purchased the Arc notebooks from Staples in preparation to make my own custom planner for 2015. The pages I have chosen for my planner are colorful, so the washi tape just adds a burst of color (read: cute) to the cover and dividers. In addition, I added labels from my thrift store labelmaker. It finally feels complete.

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