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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

School Supply Junkie

I love school supplies...and now I love pink...stuff. So when I find school/office supplies that are pink and cute, I kinda go nuts.
Heart Shaped Push Pins by Yoobi @ Target

I saw these and had to have them. They are just so happy. I do not have a true bulletin board on which to display them, but when I get a classroom or office space, I think I will use them. I was a little bummed to see a mix of pink and red available at Daiso for $1.50, but then, that's Daiso for you...Massed produced, cheap, knock off versions of cute stuff. Just call me sucker.
Pink Binder Clips with Bow by See Jane Work @ Office Depot

I saw these in the store and did a double take. Initially I thought the bow part was black, but they are still cute. I know I will find some use for them.
Large Pink Paper Clips by Poppin @ Staples

They were just so round and big and pink. I thought they would go nicelly with all the other pink stuff I have. They look like they will hold papers together well because they are wider than the normal small paper clips... That, and they're happy!
Pink and Red Heart containers @ Daiso
I travel for my job, and I need office supplies that are easily accessible. That, and I just like cute stuff. So I picked up the hearts for the pins, clips, and paper clips. I think I can store them in my teacher bag, but I seem to be collecting supplies such that I almost have too much.
Rose Design Desk Accessories @ Daiso
I really tried to resist buying these... for a while. Then I just couldn't anymore. I have a Square pen holder, round pen holder, divided note holder, short round container, and bookends. Once I have a desk, I can use all of it put together, and I will smile when I look at it.
Like I said, I like pink...stuff.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, too. So expect to see things like pink umbrellas and such through which you can contribute to the research funds.

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