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Friday, January 20, 2012

6 months of Z

So, we have reached our 6 month checkup. Only heaven knows what is in store for me. Z is growing and has been on the bigger side since he was born. As of last visit (December) he was in the 90th percentile for head and weight. He is not a skinny child right now. It makes me wonder why it's acceptable for babies to have rolls but not older children or adults.

On the contrary, the good domctor has not said anything about him being too big. He did recommend that night feedings stop, but I don't think that meant fewer, just not at night. I think that will be one of my questions (among many) that I ask this time.

So, currently we are sitting outside, the office in the car. Z decided he didn't want to take his regular naps. He took a short morning nap... I predict a cranky baby for the post-doctor visit hours. He is quiet now at least.

One last milestone to mention, he is now taking solid foods.The Wholesome Baby Food website has excellent suggestions and recipes for avoiding commercial baby food from the start. I started him on oatmeal because I did not want to give him commercial baby food. He seems to like it better mixed with something sweet. The second food I gave him was butternut squash. He ate a whole ounce fairly quickly today. The only thing is I can't figue out where the flatulence is coming from. I think next I will give him green beans or avocados. They are easy.

Btw, my pediatrician is at NOCP.

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