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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tips for moms with sick kids in public places

Yes, this post will be a little bit out of frustration. Here's the thing- my child would not be sick if that other mother taught her child better manners for being sick.
  1. Teach your child to cover their cough!- Really, mommy?! No one wants to be coughed all over, child or adult. If they haven't learned to do it yet, invest in a cool, cute looking reusable mask(scroll down) that they can wear when they're sick. Better yet, make one yourself.
  2. Teach your child how germs are spread and how to lessen the chances of spreading them.- If your child is coughing, chances are they should not be running around touching everything and everyone. Ew, gross! Sanitize, wash hands frequently, avoid touching noses/mouths, use tissues, and, for crying out loud, don't touch other people!
  3. Teach your child what is appropriate behavior at a doctor's office (in public, in general).- Yes, your child is sick, so you take them to the doctor. That does not mean that the entire office is their personal playground! Your child is sick, so put a leash on them if you have to.
  4. Make sure you know and practice the above rules.- The apple does not fall far from the tree, and children will imitate their parents/guardians behavior.
I work with children on a regular basis. The reason many students are out at the same time in a class is because there is at least one who does not practice the above tips. This type of education starts at home and starts young! So, mommies (daddies or whoever), on behalf of all those other mommies (or people) with children at the doctor's office who aren't sick or have gotten sick because of your child's bad manners, please take note... just a thought.

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