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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What do I not need to know about you?

Beginner Challenge
Beginner Kickstart Day 2 of the Teacher Challenge talks about writing blog posts and what to think about to create a more interesting post. So, one of the ideas is to write about the above mentioned topic breaking up the post into readable chunks using headings and paragraphs.
So, here goes...

7 things you don't need to know
  1.  I won a costume contest at least twice- My mother used to make my Halloween costumes for me. One year I was the Statue of Liberty. Think foil... Anyway, the other was Minnie Mouse, complete with ears, nose, tail, and custom made dress.
  2. I cut my 3 mile race time down about 8 minutes- I literally ran my posterior off for the two Most Improved awards. My freshman year I think I cut my 3 mile race time down about 6 minutes. By my junior year, I made the varsity team as the #7 runner and my time dropped to about 21 minutes.
  3. My love of Japan began when I was 8- My family hosted a Japanese exchange student who showed me how to fold origami, use chopsticks, and taught me that sushi is a style of cooking, not just raw fish
  4. My pre-labor for Monkey Z was about 30 hours- That was before the meds kicked in and the actual labor started. My water broke and we went to the hospital only to sit around for a really long time. Finally, I couldn't take the Pitocin-induced contractions any more and got the epidural. I slept only from exhaustion. I don't recommend it.
  5. I sat in the 6th seat on my rowing crew- I rowed for UC Irvine's novice women's crew during my last year at UCI. Yes, as a 5th year senior, I was keeping up with freshmen. The highlight of the season was that we qualified for the Avaya Rowing Championship held in Georgia on the Olympic course.
  6. I had more tools than B-chan when we got married- When I lived with my parents, my father refused to let me borrow his tools, so I had to get my own. Yes, I did use them because I did furniture assembly and closet remodeling.
  7. I found myself in a hospital in a foreign country on a national holiday- Whew! That was not fun either, but rather, the result of poor thinking on my part. I climbed Fuji-san (Mt. Fuji) while in Japan... But, I decided to carry my water up and down the mountain. Dehydration, anyone?
My challenge for you: share one funny, interesting or random thing about you.

Stay tuned for the advanced challenge update....

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