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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Advanced kickstart day 1

10 things you should know about blogging:
1. Write about what you know: yes, it should be interesting, but you also want to sound intelligent.
2. It's really not as hard as you think: If you can write a word document and click save, you can do this.
3. Make it multi-media: Pictures, videos, slideshows, etc. make it more interesting.
4. Ask for help: it's probably going to be a learning experience, so get tips from  people who already know.
5. Cite your sources: Make sure you avoid plagiarizing other people's work.
6. Keep working on it: There is always room for improvement, so keep tweaking it.
7. Advertise: Word of mouth often gets your audience started, so tell people what you're writing about and give them the link.
8. Network: find similar blogs, read, post, and link. Communication is the key here.
9. Have fun: sharing what you know should be an enjoyable experience.
10. Patience: It takes time for you to establish your audience, so keep posting and waiting for your audience to grow.

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