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Friday, February 10, 2012

Droppin' it like it's hot (or on reaching 170)

No, it's not the d-word!

Many things contributed to my weight gain during my pregnancy with Monkey Z. By the time Monkey Z was born I gained at least 60 lbs. To my horror, I peaked at 221. I had never been so overweight until then. If anything, I was underweight and prided myself on having healthy eating and exercise habits. During the pregnancy, I picked up some bad habits that were not really too difficult to drop. Like I said, many things contributed to my weight gain. More significantly (and to my relief), many things are contributing to my post-partum weight loss.

In the last month, I have dropped about 10 pounds, which is still within normal limits. I am not going out of my way to lose weight. Besides weight loss is not my only goal. I would like to tone up as well. I have a goal, be it lofty. but nonetheless a goal: be able to fit into a size M at Forever 21. I do not know how realistic it is, but I am hoping that I can reach it before the second child wreaks its havoc upon my girlish figure. I realize that I may need to give up a few more of my bad habits, however, I know I've done pretty well so far. To date, I have dropped about 50 lbs. Of note, I think a few good habits in particular have contributed.

1. No/very little commercially produced bread- I bought a breadmaker and stopped buying bread from the store. Fresh bread or pizza dough tastes better anyway and I know I'll get my money's worth.
2. Green smoothie daily- We bought a Vitamix blender. Not cheap, but it is now indespensible! B-chan makes me a drink every day using fresh whole fruit and vegetables, like kale and spinach. It has definitely increased my intake of those foods and boosted the weight loss.
3. Nursing- It's no secret. Nursing uses up some of your fat stores and burns a lot of calories.
4. Walking- Going for walks with Monkey Z helps get me out of the house. Lately, I haven't gone because he was sick recently, but it certainly cuts down the cabin fever and the ability to munch all day.
5. Being mindful of what I eat- I know that Z gets what I eat, so I want to be careful what I put into my body. Also, I know that the majority of my foods' nutrition goes to nourish him, so it's really important that I get enough nutrition to support the both of us.
6. Eating less in general- I know I am still eating for two in a way, but I know that portion control is important for weight loss. Besides, I barely have time to eat, as it is, let alone cook a large meal.
7. Eating more whole grains (whole foods in general)- Oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice, quinoa, milliet, etc. have all replaced commercially produced bread/starches. Also, Every meal that I eat includes vegetables, even breakfast. A good idea is to cut out processed foods as much as possible
8. Allow a treat every so often- My incurable sweet tooth sometimes takes over and will not let me rest until I have something sweet. I am learning to exercise restraint and enjoy sweets in moderation, and I know I have a long hard road ahead of me. If, I allow myself something every once in a while, I know that I will continue to practice my good eating habits.

These are the habits that have worked for me. Like I said at the beginning, it's not the d-word because I am not interested in a quick fix, rather a lifestyle change.

Please share your good eating habits and other things that help you stay healthy. Thank you!

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