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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trading books

Sewing machine buried under donations and stuff
So, I have these books that have been sitting around for years now. You may know what I'm talking about if you decided to keep your textbooks because you might "need" them in your profession. Well, I'm not quite the Art Historian I'd imagined I'd be. Now... what to do with that pile of books (and other stuff) keeping me from using my ultra-cool, retro sewing machine?

Here's the thing, I tried to do this about a year ago, but since I sat on my hiney for a year, my trade in values dropped. So, instead of getting the $70 I could have gotten, I have to settle for trading a pile of books for some sewing books I really want. I decided to use a site that gives store credit as opposed to cash, since I want a book anyway. Really, I'd rather have an e-book, but this particular title is not available as such. At the very least, I get to recycle my books so that a thrift store isn't the only one benefiting from the sale. The website I chose to use is ECampus because you get an additional 20% if you choose store credit.
The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook

So what book is so great, you ask, for which I am willing to sell expensive textbooks at cut rate prices? Charlene Phillips is the author of this book (pictured), as well as, some others and her own blog The Sew Box. She seems to be an authority on using attachments for vintage machines to facilitate more advanced techniques. Follow the link below the picture to purchase it directly from her, and maybe even get it signed.

The other book is called One Yard Wonders, and has its own Facebook Page. I won't bore you with a picture, but I will tell you that I have paged through both these books. I consider them highly useful, otherwise I would go for the cash instead. I might change my mind on the second book since I have to wait for payment anyway.
As for the sewing table, it is a work in progress; a lot of progress required!

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