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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monkey's Momma Loose in Daiso

Great news for people looking for cheap stuff; not so great if you want to save money or contribute to the "Made in the USA" mantra.

Oh, Daiso, why do I love you so?

So, when I was in Japan, I discovered Daiso. It's the kind of store at which you find a bunch of stuff that you "need" until you open up your bag at home and realize I just bought a bunch of "stuff." Although in it's defense, you could practically furnish a small apartment (like I did) for next to nothing. Pictured right is the new Irvine location at Culver and Walnut. We happened to find out about it the day after the grand opening. So, of course I had to go see what they had. It was more crowded than I've ever seen any other Daiso store. The line switched back 3 times before going halfway to the back of the store. On top of that, it was quite crowded. I am at least relieved to know that I now do not have to drive to Torrance or San Diego just to get some items only found at Daiso or other Japanese Hyaku Yen (hundred yen stores).

 What Finds!

Try as I might, I cannot get out of the store for less than $50 dollars sometimes; this time only pennies less. The appeal of the Daiso is that I can get things for $1.50 that would cost many more dollars elsewhere, but I guess that contributes to the Chinese economy as opposed to the American one. In the first picture, I found four Iron-on designs, 2 different purse frames, and handles (that I know would cost 3 times as much at Joanne's.

In the second picture, I found a couple child proofing items, gardening labels, small enameled food containers, a magnetic white board, and a curtain rod. I really did try to restrain myself....
In the third picture, I indulged a little and bought some items for me. The bag was just so cute...from far away (more on this below). The notebook was equally cute for what a notebook should cost. The round dish to the right is for my tea party to hold used tea bags at each place setting. There is also a table cloth for the tea party. I finally found my short boot keepers that I've been looking for (forever). Last but not least, the empty package holds a small (and uber cute) mirrored case for bobby
pins, a la Anna Sui (not available States-side).

Cute, but then...

So, I love the polka dots, bows, hearts and strawberries which all make the bag really cute! That's why I picked it up in the first place...But then, Engrish strikes again!!! B-chan pointed out that there is just something ever so slightly wrong about the word choice of the heart. I tried to think of something to say to defend it, but I couldn't. Hopefully, no one will notice.... Um, yeah. At the very least, my friends, well versed in Engrish, will get a good belly laugh out of it.

So why go in the first place?

The whole reason we were there was because we heard through word of mouth that a new Japanese market opened up in the Culver and Walnut shopping center. Little did we know... So, there is now another location of Mitsuwa Marketplace. This is in addition to the one near South Coast Plaza. It is definitely a smaller location, but it has one of B-chan's favorite ramen chains. At the very least, it is more on the way home for us than the other location. However, it is not really suitable for large groups wanting to have lunch together. On the upside, there is a takoyaki chain at this location, a delicacy not to be missed!

So, yes, I got loose in Daiso again. It will be very tempting to go often, but I know that I will need strength of will to pass by without spending money. I will definitely have to use my shopping tip "make a list". We tried the time limit thing yesterday with only limited success, but baby steps, right?

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