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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grocery Savvy Android App

This post is specifically to review the Food on the Table Website/App.
Image from Food on the Table Website

 The good

So this website shops the store sale ads and allows you to choose recipes according to whats on sale. It kind of reminds me of Evernote, but for grocery stores.
The site requires you to create an account, but you can also login with Facebook. From there, it keeps track of your preferences, including dietary restrictions like sodium and gluten-free diets. Once you choose what kind of meals and ingredients you like you can start meal planning with the included recipes. You can plan by either sale items from your favorite store or by preferred ingredient. The software automatically creates a grocery list based on your meal choices and sorts them into an e-mailable list. You can also opt for the app if you have a capable device. You can remove and add other items to the list as needed.
Once you go to the store the grocery list allows you to check off the items you have purchased. The meal plan also allows you to remove the recipes from the plan or add them to your cookbook. Also, there are several sharing/printing options.
Somehow I got the subscription for free, too.

The not-so-much

The website only allows you to choose three stores whose mailers you can shop. It only allows one as the preference. I have not played with the software in depth yet to try to combine lists, but it seems like you would have to change the store preference to easily see changes to the grocery list or to decipher which items are from what store. Not all stores are available, either. I would like to see a record of what recipes I have used and to plan for more than 7 at a time. Again, I have yet to get really familiar with the software.

The verdict

This website allows users to easily create a shopping list and meal plan based on their favorite grocery store's sale ad. For those looking to save time and money, this appears to do both. The user interface seems pretty easy to navigate and the sharing options make sharing the work a breeze, at least for me.
I have only played around with the site for 2 weeks worth of planning, and we have only used one of the lists. The fact that there is an app makes it easy for me to share with B-chan so that he can cook or shop in case I don't feel up to it (or whatnot).

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